Kemble 2007

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This was the third annual get-together for Bedford buses and coaches.

The first rally was held at Winchcombe Railway Station, Gloucestershire in 2004 with 12 Bedford's in attendance.

The second rally was held at Woburn Abbey in 2006 and due to bad weather four Bedford's made it on the day.

The latest rally, on 5th August 2007, was held at Kemble Airfield, as part of the Gloucestershire Steam and Vintage Extravaganza and was organised by Tim Wootton and some trusty friends.

And it was here that the record of recent times for the number of Bedford OB coaches lined up together was broken.

Coaches and buses travelled from far and wide and the previous record of 12 was successfully broken.

A total of 16 made it to the event and that was a great turn-out when you consider there are only approximately 70 left on the road throughout the world. On the first two days of the event - Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th August, 11 coaches turned out. But the record was broken on the Sunday amidst glorious Cotswold sunshine - and a weekend of sunshine must have been a record in itself in 2007!

There were two very special Bedford's together in the line-up for the first time - the only two known remaining Plaxton bodied Bedford's, one owned by Ken Edwards of Llanon, Dyfed, Mid Wales and the other owned by Ray Lockett, Henfield, West Sussex. As you will see from the picture, these rare sights were viewed by many spectators and enthusiasts.

Many people were keen to share their happy experiences of travelling around the countryside on our buses and coaches and how much fun they had in past years. The comments us bus owners hear so regularly are:

"When I was a boy we went to..."
"I remember when we used to go to school on one of these buses.."
"I always used to try and get the front seat!"
"I always used to have a kiss and cuddle on the back seat."
"My dad used to drive one of these."

And many mentioned the days they went on holiday or to the seaside and what fun it was!

So the challenge is out there for even more Bedford bus and coach owners to join us next year and help to smash this year's record - and a big thank you to all those who participated this year.

The following were in attendence at the event:

  AJT 176 - Bedford WTB, 1938 (UK) ATS 689 - Bedford OB Duple, 1949 (UK) EAJ 679 - Bedford OB, 1948 (UK) ETL 221 - Bedford OB, 1950 (UK) FFX 458 - Bedford MLC, 1952 (UK)  
AJT 176
Bedford WTB
ATS 689
Bedford OB Duple
EAJ 679
Bedford OB
ETL 221
Bedford OB
FFX 458
Bedford MLC
  GWV 101 - Bedford OB, 1951 (UK) JAB 867 - Bedford OB Duple Vista, 1950 (UK) KEL 94 - Bedford OB, 1950 (UK) KNN 314 - OB KPW 986 - Bedford OB Duple Vista, 1950 (UK)  
GWV 101
Bedford OB
JAB 867
OB Duple Vista
KEL 94
Bedford OB
KNN 314
Bedford OB
KPW 986
OB Duple Vista
  LDF 833 - Bedford OB Duple, 1952 (UK) LDV 483 - Bedford OB, 1950 (UK) LTA 750 - Bedford OB, 1949 (UK) LTA 752 - Bedford OB, 1950 (UK) LTA 904 - Bedford OB, 1949 (UK)  
LDF 833
Bedford OB Duple
LDV 483
Bedford OB
LTA 750
Bedford OB
LTA 752
Bedford OB
LTA 904
Bedford OB
  MFM 39 - Bedford OB MYB 33 - Bedford OB Duple, 1950 (UK)  
MFM 39
Bedford OB
MYB 33
Bedford OB Duple
To find out more about each of the buses, click on the thumbnail to visit the profile page for more details and additional pictures.

This year's winners, as judged by all the Bedford owners, were:


1st Prize

ATS 689 - 1949 Duple

Owned by Ernest Keeling (Stoke on Trent)


2nd Prize

LDV 483 - 1949 Duple

Owned by Andrew Higgs (Gloucestershire)


3rd Prize

LDF 833 - 1952 Duple

Owned by Alan Geraghty & Richard Messenger (Northants)


As the organiser, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Bedford bus and coach owners who made this memorable occasion possible! It was great to spend time together, in the sunshine, at Kemble. I look forward to seeing you all again next we attempt to beat this year's record!